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President Trump once again went on a Tweetstorm …

President Trump once again went on a Tweetstorm …

President Trump once again went on a Tweetstorm on Wednesday, July 26, to inform the public that transgender people will no longer be accepted into the U.S. military, reversing one of the most noted Obama-era policies that opened up the armed services to all who are willing to serve.

Advocacy groups, politicians, and even the Pentagon itself were dumbfounded by this policy decision for many reasons. For one, a study last year by the RAND Corporation, an independent research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges, found that allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military would “have minimal impact on readiness and health care costs” for the Pentagon.

It estimated that health care costs would rise by only $2.4 million to $8.4 million a year. When you compare that to the $41.6 million the Department of Defense spends every year on Viagra — and the $84.24 million total they it spends on erectile dysfunction prescriptions—it is infinitesimal.

Finances aside, this policy decision is a gross display of discrimination by the U.S. government that also threatens military readiness.

Strength comes from solidarity and diversity—not from exclusion. Not only is this more than a slap in the face to transgender people everywhere, but it also puts our national security at risk. Trump is willing to purge more than 15,000 active soldiers from the ranks, therefore weakening our defenses.
Along with its study last year, RAND stated the importance of having a varied group of members within the armed forces saying, “The Department of Defense should ensure strong leadership and identify and communicate the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce.”

While on the campaign trail, Trump promised to be an ally to and a fighter for the entire LGBT community, though very few people believed the promise. Today, it is clear the president is not a champion for the community, especially transgender Americans who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect him and the entire country.”

– Article written by Chelsey Engel, a contributing writer for Q Magazine

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