Meet Stephen

Meet Stephen

Stephen Donaldson is the CEO of Q Magazine & Strategies and Publisher of all content in Q Magazine. He ensures that the firm is successful by providing high quality, accurate, and effective services to Q’s clients. Stephen handpicks an exceptional team to work on each unique project and magazine component. He is a trusted resource for organizations operating in the specialized markets of LGBTQA+ Business Equity, political consulting, and healthcare.

Stephen Donaldson | Q Magazine
Stephen Donaldson | Q Magazine

In 2017, Stephen co-founded Q Magazine & Strategies with his business partner George Fernandez with the vision of engaging the business community in order to promote more LGBT equity in the workplace. Stephen began his career as a political consultant in Pennsylvania. He had the opportunities to serve several high-profile dignitaries and fortune 500 companies. As a political consultant, he successfully helped several individuals become elected into office. He raised monies and political capital on behalf of his clients. As a political consultant for a conservative firm, Stephen was not comfortable coming out at work. It took several years before he felt the confidence to be himself around the office. What was the most terrifying moment in Stephen’s life at that point was also a turning point in his political activism. He joined the local LGBTQA+ Chamber of Commerce and decided to help advance the business equity movement moving forward.

Stephen moved on to work in Corporate America at Aetna Healthcare. He saw the need to better not only his workplace conditions by joining their LGBTQA+ business resource group but that he needed to share the great work being done at his employer and others alike around the country.

His past experiences coupled with his passion for business development and politics helps Stephen’s clients build positive, profitable, and sustainable connections with the LGBT Business community.

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